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Homi Youngju

Foreign Gardeners’ Go-to item: Homi Youngju

Homi is the most commonly used gardening tool with a long history in the agriculture of Korea.

It is a common item in Korea, but it was not known in western culture. However, many gardeners and trowel users in western countries started using homi and were satisfied with its convenience and work efficiency. Thus, Korea’s homi products have been one of the most purchased products in the “Garden hoe” category. 

As a weed remover and dirt digging tool, homi has a sharp tip that can be dangerous. Therefore, we have designed an artificial leather cover to add a safety feature that is useful for moving or storing homi.

Not only is it convenient, effective, and safe, but also, homi will be a valuable gift for your family, friends, and neighbors who are interested in gardening. 

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